Welcome to “Spaceship in a Box” by Bradford W Wendel

The boxship Timmons

“Spaceship in a Box” is a free young adult science fiction web serial about three teenagers, Z, Miranda and Cole, who find themselves the Captain and caretakers of the mysterious boxship Timmons.  As their adventures continue they quickly learn that the ship is far more important than they’d ever realized.  On board they find themselves ensnared in the mysteries of the ship, its crew and its history while trying to find a way to save the planet Earth.  Before long they are chased by aliens of all sorts who want the ship for themselves.  They will travel the galaxy searching for answers, exploring new worlds and hoping to find a way out of the mess they’re in.


Captain Z

SEASON ONE is now complete, but more adventures are on the way in Season Two, coming this Fall 2016.

Each “episode” is an individual short story about the kids and their latest adventure broken up into chapters.  Episodes are grouped together into “seasons” that will follow the kids through their lives on board and how they’ll deal with new and exciting challenges as they come up.  I also have a Glossary to help keep you up-to-date on the characters, places, races and things introduced throughout the story.



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I promise to keep the world of the boxships alive for you and all my readers in the months ahead and we’ll see where the world of the boxships will take us.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

– Bradford W Wendel